“Come all ye lads and lassies, join in the festive scene, come dance around the Maypole, that will stand upon the green.”

We’re all familiar with the May Day Maypole, but what’s its significance? Why celebrate Beltane (also called May Day) and do you have to dance around a Maypole?

What is Beltane?

Beltane is an ancient Celtic festival to celebrate fire, fertility, and abundance.  They say April showers give to May flowers, so it’s the perfect time to welcome the abundance of fertile earth…or just fertility in general.

They say this is the time when the earth mother opens up to the fertility god and their union brings new crops and new livestock. So in ancient times it was mostly a fertility festival because they relied so heavily on these things for survival (I understand if you still want to view it as mostly a fertility festival).

However, it’s a great time for welcoming back a brighter sun, more greenery, more life on earth and just being grateful for the abundance we have been provided. It’s like spring-time thanksgiving. Everything is blissful and blossoming!

How can you celebrate?

Here are some super simple ways to celebrate!

• Have a bonfire. Write intentions for dreams, goals, abundance on paper. After visualizing them blossoming, toss them in the fire! (Modify: use a small cauldron instead of a bonfire)

• Plant a garden or bring some new plants home–watch them blossom

• Dance! Outside if you can! If you have a maypole, even better!

• Create a Beltane altar– green candles, yellow flowers, colors of spring and abundance. Bonus: Meditate in front of your altar. Write a gratitude list and place it on your altar. Write dreams/goals and place on your altar. They might come true!!

• Easiest one of all? Make whoopie, make love, have sex. Candles + Marvin Gaye are a must. Just be careful…there are a lot of Beltane oopsies 😉


Anyway you choose to celebrate, remember–this is a time of energetic integration that only comes once a year, and each year is different.  Get out there, have fun, and be in this magickal time of abundant, blissful energy.

Magickal blessings–

Pixi Morris